We offer an array of educational programs to enable students at all levels of knowledge to learn about Ayn Rand’s philosophy and novels.

Program Overview

If you’re looking to meet other students interested in Ayn Rand, ARI can connect you with an Objectivist club in your area, or even help you start your own club. We can also help you introduce Rand’s ideas to other types of clubs, such as an economics or philosophy club.

Whether you’re reading Atlas Shrugged for the first time or are a dedicated student of Rand’s philosophy, campus clubs are a great way to deepen your understanding, meet like-minded students and make Objectivism part of the debate on your campus.

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Get Connected

  • Lead . . .

    So you’re thinking of starting a campus club. . . . Great idea!

    Ayn Rand’s writings have always had a special resonance for students. Students have been forming clubs since the 1960s to explore Rand’s controversial ideas and promote discussion of them on college campuses.

    Objectivist clubs can be an incredibly rewarding experience, a lot of fun and a source of lifelong friendships. For a club leader, they’re also a way to develop and prove your leadership, organization and communication skills, and they are a stand-out achievement when applying to jobs or graduate school.

    . . . And Succeed

    The key to being a successful club leader lies in your enthusiasm, commitment to your club and your desire to learn. It’s not about how much you already know about Objectivism or how well you can explain the philosophy. On the contrary, one of the main purposes of starting a club is to provide a forum to explore Rand’s ideas in collaboration with like-minded individuals — not to lecture or teach.

    If you’re ready to make the commitment, we’ll walk you through the process of starting and running a club, connect you with other interested students and provide guidance and material resources for your club’s activities. We’re here to do all we can to help you succeed.

  • Ashley Roy

    I love helping leaders translate their curiosity into meetings and events that engage intellectually and foster an understanding and appreciation of Objectivism.

    Ashley Roy

    Literature and Language Arts Teacher, LePort Schools
    Former leader of Students of Objectivism at UW-Madison
  • Jason Hoskin

    Founding the Objectivist Club at USC taught me organization and leaderships skills that I consider the most valuable component of the education I received there.

    Jason Hoskin

    AP Physics Teacher, Lubbock High School
    Former leader of the University of Southern California Objectivist Club
  • Katherine Champion

    I improved my leadership skills such as delegating responsibility, motivating others, and facilitating discussions on topics where I wasn't an expert.

    Katherine Champion

    Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, San Francisco
    Former leader of UC Berkeley Objectivist Club
  • Keith Lockitch

    Starting a club was my first taste of intellectual activism for Objectivism: leading meetings, hosting speakers, and being a presence on my campus.

    Keith Lockitch

    Fellow and Director of Advanced Training, The Ayn Rand Institute
    Former founder and leader of University of British Columbia Students of Objectivism (1990-1992)

Club Resources

  • Speakers

    Organizing a campus talk with an Objectivist speaker can be the highlight of a club’s semester. It involves extensive planning, so contact us as soon as possible if your club is considering bringing a speaker to campus. Our speakers can also connect by videoconference for small events and club Q&As.

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  • Free Book Sets

    Get a free set of Ayn Rand books for your club to use for study and discussion. Selected titles available.

    Request Books
  • Meeting Plans

    A selection of meeting plans and related resources are available for Objectivist clubs at, a website maintained by The Undercurrent, a national Objectivist student organization. ARI partners with The Undercurrent to support clubs though the two are independent organizations.

    Visit OClubs
  • Mentorship

    ARI employs a number of club associates — former club leaders who work closely with current and aspiring club leaders to help ensure the success of their clubs.

    Request a Mentor
  • Objectivist Club Leaders Network

    Are you a club officer? The private Objectivist Club Leaders Facebook group connects you with other club leaders and provides a forum for sharing ideas and planning activities with other clubs.

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  • Tabling Kits

    Tabling regularly is a great way to increase the visibility of your club on campus and raise awareness of Ayn Rand’s ideas. ARI’s tabling kits include free books and attention-grabbing marketing materials, and we can help you create and reimburse expenses for a professionally printed sign.

    Request a Tabling Kit
  • Guide to Objectivist Campus Clubs

    This manual was prepared by former club leaders at the Ayn Rand Institute, and it provides a comprehensive overview of what’s involved in starting and running a campus club.

    Get your Copy
  • Webinars

    ARI and The Undercurrent host monthly student-only webinars with Objectivist experts. Campus clubs which organize viewing parties around the webinars are given priority in asking questions.

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Suggested Course


The Philosophy of Objectivism

This course presents, in essential terms, the theoretical structure of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. Rand endorsed the course, attending every lecture and participating in many of the question periods.

Leonard Peikoff
Course Length
12 Lessons