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The Objectivist

Ayn Rand’s lifelong passion for philosophy was rooted in her conviction that philosophy is the basic force shaping each of our lives and human history. After Atlas Shrugged, she turned to writing nonfiction, both to elaborate on the philosophy set forth in her novels and to use her


The Question of Scholarships

Text by Ayn Rand | 1966

This essay was originally published in the June 1966 issue of The Objectivist and later anthologized in The Voice of Reason: Essays in Objectivist Thought (1989). Many students of Objectivism are troubled by a certain kind of moral dilemma confronting them in today’s society. [I am] frequently

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Government Grants and Scholarships

The fundamental evil of government grants is the fact that men are forced to pay for the support of ideas diametrically opposed to their own. This is a profound violation of an individual’s integrity and conscience. It is viciously wrong to take the money of rational men for the support of B.F.


To advance Ayn Rand's philosophy ARI offers free books, scholarships, and educational resources on Objectivism.


National Debate Tournament: Resources for Debaters

Blog The Editors | May 2015

Each year, high school debaters go head-to-head to qualify for a chance to compete in the National Speech & Debate Tournament. This year, debaters qualified by making persuasive arguments on topics ranging from whether employers should be required to provide employees with “living wages” to whether or not the United States should commit ground troops to combatting ISIL. In June, top competitors from 110 districts across the country will gather in Dallas, Texas to showcase their skills for the chance to win college scholarships.