We offer an array of educational programs to enable students at all levels of knowledge to learn about Ayn Rand’s philosophy and novels.


The Ayn Rand Institute Campus is an exciting online destination offering free courses on Ayn Rand and her revolutionary philosophy of Objectivism. Whether you recently picked up your first Rand book or have been reading her novels and nonfiction for years, ARI Campus has something for you. Discover a variety of multimedia courses covering Rand’s literary classics, specific aspects of Rand’s thought, and how to apply her ideas to your life. Lengths range from fifteen minutes to seven hours. The site also includes discussion boards and other features that allow students to share ideas and improve their understanding. Courses allow you to study at your own pace — enroll today to get started.


The Ayn Rand Institute Summer Internship is an extraordinary opportunity for young people interested in Ayn Rand’s books and ideas.

Each June the program brings twenty to thirty college students and recent graduates to ARI’s main office in sunny Southern California. For three weeks, these interns immerse themselves in an educational curriculum taught by experts in Rand’s philosophy, and gain work experience contributing to ARI projects and programs.

Combining study with professional experience, the ARI Summer Internship is an ideal way for students to begin serious exploration of Ayn Rand’s ideas. This highly competitive program does not presuppose agreement with or knowledge of Objectivism, and welcomes students from all disciplines and backgrounds. Additionally, all interns receive financial support.

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Campus clubs are composed of students who share an interest in Ayn Rand’s novels and ideas. Joining an existing club or starting your own is an excellent way to discuss Rand’s writings, further develop your understanding of her ideas and meet like-minded students — regardless of whether you are new to Rand or are a dedicated student of her philosophy. ARI offers a wide variety of resources and support for clubs, from club leadership training to study materials to activism opportunities. 

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The Objectivist Academic Center (OAC) is ARI’s premier program offering courses, seminars and career training for future Objectivist intellectuals. If you are an ambitious student considering an intellectual career in academia or public policy, the OAC offers a unique opportunity to hone your thinking, writing and speaking skills while studying Ayn Rand’s ideas.

The OAC begins with a one-year intensive course — the Core Course — focused on philosophical understanding and communication skills. The next step is our Advanced Education Program, featuring advanced training in Objectivism, communication and the professional skills needed in an intellectual career. The OAC is a distance-learning program with classes offered online and via video conference. 

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Are you passionate about Ayn Rand’s ideas? Do you want to be at the forefront of the battle for individual rights and laissez-faire capitalism? Are you serious about exploring a career as an intellectual?

Each year we bring two to four outstanding recent graduates to our headquarters in Irvine, California, or our satellite office in Alexandria, Virginia, and immerse them in the world of research, writing, speaking and media presentation. We also provide them with focused training workshops, seminars on applying Ayn Rand’s ideas and experience learning how to write and speak with greatest impact.

The year-long Junior Fellows Program involves full-time work in a paid position, offering a unique opportunity to try out an intellectual career focused on policy issues.

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